The buzz in Luskin had risen steadily over the past three weeks. An additional spot was being created on the council of 6. One of the major guilds would be allowed to rise into the prominent ruling council of the country of Illuskas.

The Gilded Stone Rose, was certainly a front runner for that position. Not only were they powerful, wealthy, and prominent, but they enjoyed working relationships with nearly all the large guilds, including the elite six of the ruling council. This was primarily due to the fact that the Stone Rose was the only magic users guild in Illuskas and had shut down (violently or non violently… depending on which side of the story you hear) several other guilds attempting to form in the same field. They say the Thorns of the Stone Rose, magic using or not, are quite adept at piercing the “thumbs” of their enemies and competitors alike.

The chair was not to be given away easily though. Word had been received from a collaborative expedition to the south. The details were sketchy and sparse, but it was enough that the large guilds believed that further exploration was warranted. Rather than risk their funds and men however; they felt it prudent to allow the 8 greater guilds, and some of their lesser contemporaries to pursue this. Using the seat as a reward for the one that could deliver results in the form of natural resources, and land.

Guild master Ronson and his fellow leaders formed a plan. They would launch three ships south, and claim the position for their own. Assignments were posted the next morning. The ships would set sail in three months time.


For those in peril on the sea.

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