For those in peril on the sea.

6 months of peace and quiet... totally... I promise? The return of the Game, and the best friends a guy could ever want.

episode 29

I need to preface the completely insane and off the rails shit you guys did this night (and the next two) with a heartfelt thank you. I had all my D&D stuff stolen about 5 or 6 weeks earlier. I had been tired and left it in my car. Someone broke into it and mistook my D&D bag for a laptop I’m sure. I assume that they most likely threw away hundreds of hours of creation and encounters that I had done over the multiple years of playing this campaign. Needless to say, this took the wind out of my sails and I took an indefinitely leave of absence from the group.

On November 1st, my wife told me that she was really jonesing for some Pho. The three of us were seated, and much to my surprise a few minutes later Tom comes walking through the door. I was a bit surprised because I figured they would be playing that night. I asked him if he wanted to sit with us and he said he was sitting in the back with some friends, and that we should join them. We got up and headed to the back and the entire group was there: Jon, Vickie, Katie (now Kevin), Don, Tom, Tait and even Darrell.

For whatever reason it never occurred to me that this was some sort of pre planned meeting (Vic even straight up told me that it was and I thought she was fucking around). As dinner went on , I was feeling very happy to see everyone as it had been quite a while. Some of the smokers got up, to go smoke I assumed. They returned carrying a gray “handbag of holding” very similar to the one I had. I was stunned, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I literally asked them if they had stole my shit and were fucking with me!! Instead it was the exact opposite. Seeing the shitty situation I had been in, everyone pitched in and purchased everything I had lost including the messenger bag that I really loved. I got a little misty! I love you guys, you’re the best. I’m glad you’re in my life. The great thing is… nobody will most likely ever read this, but at least I put it down! NOW ONTO YOUR CHICANERY!!!!



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