For those in peril on the sea.

A big fight, and a reunion with an old uh... friend.

episode 19

  • Party was not well rested after fighting Grawn, soon they realize that they don’t have access to their full repertoire of spells and abilities due to fatigue and hunger.

Hannik swims up and grabs a piece of a recently defeated shark. The party eats the raw fish, some reluctantly.

Hannik starts looking through the steel kelp orb cages, finding some gruesome remains, some strange black orbs with bright golden center, and finally he finds Elsen. A wood elf thief from the south.

The party soon realizes that they have taken too much time and that a small force of mer folk have arrived to hold them.

The party attacks the force and after a fierce fight defeats them. Hannik kills one of the merrow and steals his shark mount, utilizing his animal handling skills to the best of his ability. The creature helps score the victory.

Kith nearly dies after his lightning spells cause too much damage and cause him to draw too much attention from the enemy.

The new thief goes batshit crazy, slaughtering enemies left and right with gusto.

After defeating the group the party smashes their way through the side of the temple wall membrane and drop down into a lava rock maze. The mer folk refuse to follow despite T’sunimo’s orders

The party soon finds out why, their old friend “baby Kraken” as they call him makes his triumphant return. He searches relentlessly for the party, nearly cornering them several times before being lured away by a witty Blake Griffin using invisibility and Kiths pass without trace. Eventually losing the creature without having to engage the beast with the party nearly dead.

The party manages to find their way back to the ship and find that they have been gone for 90 days or so. Quadro is there and lets them know that he had thought for sure that they had perished. The party slept soundly allowing Quatro to stand watch, and then prepared to set sail and return home.



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