For those in peril on the sea.

Making of a Mutiny

episode 22

The party decides to not pursue the missing princess, instead deciding to bargain with the pirates. The pirates requests are fairly simple, they wish for the party to help them overthrow their current leader, The Ginger Minge in a mutiny of major proportions.

This inaction upsets many of the guild members that have been living in the city and had developed relationships with the princess. The following morning Madrak is nowhere to be found, Hannik suspects he may have been involved with the kidnapping. Collette healed by Magnon rounds up a posse of able bodies which includes Ren, McGilliger and several red shirts to go and rescue the princess. Bootjack decides to follow them shortly after they leave.

The party meets Aethean’s second in command Laurethain and he becomes the sort of unofficial ambassador to the party. The



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