For those in peril on the sea.

Meandering around the Ocean hoping to run into something.

episode 16

-Madrak moves in
-Norrain, bad dwarf, rejected.
-Kendrick flies
-Supplied up, take Kendrick, Quadro, and 3 red shirt fishermen.
-Find the oval reef, row the boat to the dock
-see the old ship, board it and find goblins
-blake casts a ritual of comprehend languages and plays charades with the little goblins, until the big ones come up from below.
-They find out everyone below is dead
that some things riding sharks tore off to the west
-they take the goblins aboard and sail west for a half a day they find cloudy water but nothing of note, they head back to the reef.
-Kith goes into the water without weights and starts to do the pearl thing wrong, everyone sort of stops him and explains how to do it right. Blake transmutes a piece of wood to stone and drops it down to kith. He catches it with his bag and starts to sink. He eats the pearl while everyone waits to see if he drowns.
-he finds that he can speak goblin now, and can breathe underwater as well as swim masterfully
-the party explores the city below and finds a few corpses to the east and inside some of the homes. It appears the entire village was executed.
-they head west until they hit the dark water
-they find that there is a bit of a drop but not as steep as they expected.
-they stumble upon the siege of the coral palace
-T’sunimo finds them and says he was running to request help from the village. Party tells them that they are all dead.
-Party ends up volunteering to help T’sunimo, head for a “secret” entrance to the palace, inside are 10 sahaugin. The party wipes them out rapidly. T’sunimo tells them that they might have a chance.



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