For those in peril on the sea.

Shattered dreams

episode 18

Slowly the party awakens, they are still in the orb they had been captured in. They are starving and feel very stiff and sore.

-they can hear talking and shouting from the outside. It sounds like they are being searched for possibly.

-They smash their way out of the orb and find themselves in a dark dark area with several mer creatures near them, and sharks circling around a hundred feet or so up above them. They can see T’sunimo and Grawn above as well. The room has a hundred or so orbs of similar size to the one they were captured in.

- The mers see the party and engage them, and are quickly defeated. T’sunimo and Grawn engage the party. T’sunimo, whom the party doesn’t particularly like, takes the brunt of their attack and flees.

-The party is unable to pursue them as Grawn begins calling sharks down to aid him. After a fierce battle, Grawn is defeated. The party is alone the large dark room with hundreds of orbs similar to their own.



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