For those in peril on the sea.

Thank you Mario, But our princess is in another castle.

episode 21

The party begins negotiations with Aethean and Brutus. The pirates have a list of demands that they want. The party basically didn’t have any demands

They discover a few things about the southern lands that they find interesting. There are very few humans, no dwarves, and its basically controlled by an orcish empire.

The party is offered the chance to tour the pirate ships, they learn about gunpowder and canons.

Elsen pretends to vomit down into the hold in order to get below decks. She cleans up the mess but manages to pilfer a few things after drinking from a spitoon to induce vomit.

As the evening goes on the discussions with the pirates goes well, after a couple of hours, the alarm bell on the pier starts ringing frantically.

The party meanders over to the main pier after ensuring the pirates were settled back onto their ships and watches were set.

They find that both Collette and Maryann were both knocked unconcious and Collette was badly wounded. Leslie who was ringing the bell says there was a loud crack then everything went black. After casting some healing spells, they find out from collette that some hideous creature had made off with Griselda saying that they were taking what was owed to them.

The party after talking amongst each other decided that was OK, and that they didn’t want to leave while the pirates were still in port. Collette was disgusted by this decision. As was Madrak.



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