For those in peril on the sea.

The Queen

episode 17

-Party sees large scale siege occurring at conche shell shaped palace. They enter in a “secret” chamber with T’sunimo and head to the inner part of the palace.

-The palace defenses are being slowly abandoned as many of the non sahagin soldiers seem to be gone already. The queen is in her inner sanctum with her body guard, Grawn.

- T’sunimo reveals that he knows the party has the orb, due to an enchantment on his necklace. The party tries to play coy, but reluctantly turn the orb over to the queen, who weeps with joy upon attaining it.

-Queen asks the party to escort them to the temple of the great worm. The party is unsure but Trevor says yes for everyone.

-After several skirmishes they reach come to the temple of the worm. The name fits quite literally, as the temple appears to be some sort of massive worm corpse or fossil.

-The queen invites them inside, they find her in a room filled with hundreds of orbs similar to but smaller than the one they gave her. She requests that the party take their rest and they will be provided with food, lodging, and drink.

- The party is lead to a large tube flush to the ground Grawn pulls a small star shaped plant out of his pouch and places it over the tube. The plant expands until it is the size of the tube and the party is able to stand on it. They stand on it and it closes up around them forming a sphere. They can feel themselves descending.

-Don Tabb quips how it would be funny if they just locked themselves in a prison cell.

-They just locked themselves in a prison cell. The orb starts leaking black cloudy substance into the water. The party starts beating and banging on the orb, they can feel it starting to break down. One by one they slowly drop out of consciousness.



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