For those in peril on the sea.

Attack of The Red Star

Episode 9


Meyer had been monitoring the the messages in the little chest for some time now. Only recently had The Wave Drake began responding to The Fortuitous Sunrise. He had hoped that the bastards on The Drake had sunk into the sea along with the damn ship that Margan had thought of as a child. It was ridiculous. How could they have sent him off. He should be commanding that ship now… not that bone head Hannik, talk about a moron. That guy was as thick as they came, with his big muscles and being able to handle weapons. Meyer simply put, hated him.

It seemed that the Drake had found some sort of settlement, and had more a less taken the place over. They sounded as if they were in dire straights though. The crew number had taken a drastic fall over the past several months, although the last message made them seem as if they were over the hump. The Sunrise was also in bad shape. An illness had fallen over the crew, they had immediately quarantined but it hadn’t helped. In the end they had started pushing infected crew into the drink. They were at about half of their standard strength, and the skipper himself, was ill.

Azeryn Deed had gone over the details with everyone, the landing parties would take out the lighthouse, and assault the ship lead by Mitch and their front gate at the same time lead by Flea. Hopefully they could commandeer the Drake using overwhelming force, and be gone before the Sunrise ever showed up. It seemed that he would soon be assuming his rightful place, as captain of The Wave Drake. Things were looking up!

Episode 9

Lighthouse is lit
Dwarves submit after seeing the ship.
Red star assault
Creepy giggly bad guys
Slash nearly dies
The crew plans to assault the red star ship.



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