For those in peril on the sea.

Through the black night and driving rain A ship is struggling, all in vain, To live upon the stormy main

Episode 2


He brooded as he sat in the cabin. The ship heaved this way and that, the cacophany of men screaming , crying out in pain, filled the air. Calling for their mothers, wives, daughters and sons, people they would never see again. A thought passed through his mind, that he should step out, make an appearance, sling a spell or two, at this enemy, but decided against it. The truth was he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

A large snapping sound brought him up, out of his thoughts. Maybe, he thought, this beast will sink us, and I won’t even have to do anything. He wondered briefly if his plan was perhaps mad, then his thoughts returned to the voices that echoed within the depths of his mind. A slow smile crept across his face, until it had spread from ear to ear with a vile intensity that was frightening to behold. He sauntered over to his bed, he refused to call it a “rack”, and pulled it upwards on the hinge. The ship lurched and he heard further cracking of lumber. He reached inside and pulled out a large green vial, removed the stopper, and took a long thirsting drink from the vial. The result was almost immediate, the voices that had withdrawn to whispers at the edge of his periphery, roared back to the forefront of his mind. Each one speaking, plotting, laughing, goading him. He closed his bed and fell back on it grinning, letting the warmth cover him from belly outward, a soft sigh, followed by a giggle escaped his lips.

He heard a tremendous explosion and realized the main battery had been fired. It came to him suddenly, it was then he knew what he had to do, these men couldn’t die this night. No they would die happy, drunken, a smile on their face. Forced to sleep by his potions, and then sent to rest in their eternal dark tomb the Wave Drake… NO The Spell Forge. This was his ship, he had designed it, he had supervised the building of it, but the bastard elf Ralston had taken the name from him. He would deal with the Captain, then the crew, before finding his rest inside his child.

His thoughts were interrupted by a pounding at his door. He sat up on the bed then scooted over to the door. He opened it giving his most annoyed look. It was Griffin, he was an able young man with much potential. It almost seemed a waste that he would suffer the same fate as these simpletons, but that was just the lads poor luck.

“The Captain is dead! As are half the crew! The ship is foundering and the storm is pushing us towards the rocks.”
“I guess I have to do this myself” he sneered, staggering forward and reaching into his cloak.

He pulled the rod from an inside pocket and smiled smugly. The rocks were alarmingly close and a normal ship would have surely been smashed across them. He raised the rod and thought his the Wave Drake… NO The Spell Forge into movement. The massive dragon arm and leg that appeared to be a decorative item across the port side of the ship reached forward, each grasping one of the tall slender fingers or black rock jutting from the water. With a creak, and the roar of rushing water, the ship pulled itself from the inky black water. The starboard side legs each reached across and pushed up to form a brace underneath. They were suspended between the two pillars, held firm by the ship herself.

He smiled inwardly at the amazement of the crew. He loved it, every part of him, every voice loved it, this was truly the response that his amazing creation deserved. Outwardly he acted apathetic, shouted something about having to do everything himself. He stormed back to the ward room… then entered the Captain’s, no… HIS quarters. He yelled for Meyers, who promptly scampered into his room. He immediately set about telling Meyers his plan, Meyers was a dark soul and a kindred spirit. He would help him.

He didn’t see Kendrick, huddled on the floor trying dutifully to clean up the water that had poured into the ward room.

He didn’t mean to but, Kendrick heard everything, every last word. He was frozen with fear. He crept silently towards the door. Each step felt a mile, and the ship seemed so quiet now that it wasn’t constantly rocking and shifting. Thunder blasted through the air and he ran out the cabin door. He needed to tell someone, but it had to be someone he could trust. Captain Hannik, or Crag. He was unsure. The one thing he knew was right now, his crew mates needed his help and that was a proper excuse to think over what he had heard. The dead and wounded were all around. He took a deep breath, and went to Bootjack for orders as he seemed to have the situation under control. He couldn’t believe the Captain was gone… just like that.

Episode 2

Blake ran to tell the XO that the ship was going to be smashed upon the rocks. He used the control rod and had the ship pull itself out of the water and brace itself. The water drained from the ship and they could see that there was fairly substantial damage.

The dead were given sea burials, and put to rest. Bootjack treated the wounded as did Blake. Wulfhelm after spending the last while snuggling with Slash removed himself from the dinghy and helped Slash out. Slash smiled warmly at him.

Many of the crew started to cut up pieces of the creatures tentacle to dine upon. Bootjack would have nothing to do with it, and eventually talked the crew out of eating it, they pushed it over the side with the rest of the dead things. After things had been situated, the crew went to rest for the rest of the night.

The next morning everyone was awoken to the sound of the ship’s bell ringing. The XO was holding captains call, a pre dawn captains call. He told the sailors that they had received word from their sister ship that land was 6 days south. They were going to patch the ship up and head south, starting tomorrow. Today would be a day of rest, that night food would be in no short supply and all the rest of the ale casks would be opened and shared. The men cheered, however there were members of the party who were unsure of why this happening now, and unsure of the judgement to let the men drink and eat their stores up.

Kendrick came clean to Bootjack in the hold what he had heard. They gathered together with Wulfhelm, Hannik, and Blake, as well as Billows the chief quartermaster, Barry Ironpike and Crag. They formulated a plan in which the new captain would be lured to the hold and then attacked and brought to justice. Barry Ironpike and Billows volunteered to lure the captain, while the rest prepared to ambush the captain.

Barry came through the door and followed by Billows, and Captain Margan just behind him. As Barry made it through the door, Billows stabbed him from behind through the chest, killing him instantly and shouted to start the attack. The captain and 10 crew members assaulted the small group of mutineers. The captain turned his magic on Crag and felled him, the members of the party, realizing they would not win this battle, decided to focus all of their efforts on Margan. Their blows fell furiously with everyone striking a blow, with Hannik landing the deciding blow. With the Captain down many of the attackers immediately threw down arms.

The Captain, Billows, and Martin Meyers were to be hanged. Meyers managed to weasel his way out of being killed and was set free on a dinghy with a week supply of food and water. Margan and Billows were both hanged. Cut down early the next morning and tossed over the side. Wulfhelm, was standing watch in the crows nest saw the goblins they had rescued squatting on one of the finger like rocks jutting out of the water, and then he saw it… a large, smoking, island? He realized it was moving towards them and notified the rest of the crew. The ships bell rang the alarm. The ship was unable to move, and something was bearing down on them…



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