For those in peril on the sea.

Blake Dogs? We don't need no f#%$ing Blake Dogs!
Episode 11

Hannik busy with leader stuff leaves the crew to their own devices
no magic items, wtg don.
totally not prepared to be in the jungle
Blake dogs attack, party tries to outrun them… not happening
Blake climbs a tree while the others fight
Blake shoots a dog that passed a DC 20 str check to climb the tree over the dogs on the ground that are actually a threat to his friends.
party nearly dies, climbs trees, and stay in trees all night because, they have to
Return home next day with a two headed blakedog

For the love of Cinnamon! (aka nobody likes the smell of fish)
Episode 12

The Journey South
sahagin, chase quadro into the jungle
party follows and finds him in a depression surrounded by cinnamon trees, what else could go right!
blake dog attack
big blake dog seems to lead others
weather goes to hell, wind and rain
it gets dark… what else could go wrong.

How many elves does it take to make a good decision?
Episode 13

kiths bad idea, gets kidnapped
blakes almost bad idea
bootjack rescues Kith by dropping him on his head
kendrick gets kidnapped
party kicks ettercap ass and then fight the ettercap god, getting pretty beat up in the process
saves kendrick, everyone manages to live
quadros orb

Peace and quiet, getting things done at home.
Episode 14

Works on relationships
Work on the city continues
Decide to figure out what the egg is.
Head to the witch.
No combat, late start, thanks Jon… jerk

The Umber Hulk, The Witch, and the Cyclops (and a troll thrown in for good measure)
Episode 15

Will make items to breathe under water for favors in return, hand of sister, eye of sister, and her daughter returned to her.
Shark fins and gils
Troll Liver
Squishy pearl things, witch licks gross stuff
Trolling the cyclops dompf rompf
blake grows balls/ kiths balls shrink
Pit trap cursing giant
Madrak, not a bad troll, makes trollish potions and effects, hannik healed, Kith shrunk, Blake projectile vomiting, and Bootjack firebreath.
kith shrinks stays permanently 2 inches shorter
Ready for the water.

Meandering around the Ocean hoping to run into something.
episode 16

-Madrak moves in
-Norrain, bad dwarf, rejected.
-Kendrick flies
-Supplied up, take Kendrick, Quadro, and 3 red shirt fishermen.
-Find the oval reef, row the boat to the dock
-see the old ship, board it and find goblins
-blake casts a ritual of comprehend languages and plays charades with the little goblins, until the big ones come up from below.
-They find out everyone below is dead
that some things riding sharks tore off to the west
-they take the goblins aboard and sail west for a half a day they find cloudy water but nothing of note, they head back to the reef.
-Kith goes into the water without weights and starts to do the pearl thing wrong, everyone sort of stops him and explains how to do it right. Blake transmutes a piece of wood to stone and drops it down to kith. He catches it with his bag and starts to sink. He eats the pearl while everyone waits to see if he drowns.
-he finds that he can speak goblin now, and can breathe underwater as well as swim masterfully
-the party explores the city below and finds a few corpses to the east and inside some of the homes. It appears the entire village was executed.
-they head west until they hit the dark water
-they find that there is a bit of a drop but not as steep as they expected.
-they stumble upon the siege of the coral palace
-T’sunimo finds them and says he was running to request help from the village. Party tells them that they are all dead.
-Party ends up volunteering to help T’sunimo, head for a “secret” entrance to the palace, inside are 10 sahaugin. The party wipes them out rapidly. T’sunimo tells them that they might have a chance.

The Queen
episode 17

-Party sees large scale siege occurring at conche shell shaped palace. They enter in a “secret” chamber with T’sunimo and head to the inner part of the palace.

-The palace defenses are being slowly abandoned as many of the non sahagin soldiers seem to be gone already. The queen is in her inner sanctum with her body guard, Grawn.

- T’sunimo reveals that he knows the party has the orb, due to an enchantment on his necklace. The party tries to play coy, but reluctantly turn the orb over to the queen, who weeps with joy upon attaining it.

-Queen asks the party to escort them to the temple of the great worm. The party is unsure but Trevor says yes for everyone.

-After several skirmishes they reach come to the temple of the worm. The name fits quite literally, as the temple appears to be some sort of massive worm corpse or fossil.

-The queen invites them inside, they find her in a room filled with hundreds of orbs similar to but smaller than the one they gave her. She requests that the party take their rest and they will be provided with food, lodging, and drink.

- The party is lead to a large tube flush to the ground Grawn pulls a small star shaped plant out of his pouch and places it over the tube. The plant expands until it is the size of the tube and the party is able to stand on it. They stand on it and it closes up around them forming a sphere. They can feel themselves descending.

-Don Tabb quips how it would be funny if they just locked themselves in a prison cell.

-They just locked themselves in a prison cell. The orb starts leaking black cloudy substance into the water. The party starts beating and banging on the orb, they can feel it starting to break down. One by one they slowly drop out of consciousness.

Shattered dreams
episode 18

Slowly the party awakens, they are still in the orb they had been captured in. They are starving and feel very stiff and sore.

-they can hear talking and shouting from the outside. It sounds like they are being searched for possibly.

-They smash their way out of the orb and find themselves in a dark dark area with several mer creatures near them, and sharks circling around a hundred feet or so up above them. They can see T’sunimo and Grawn above as well. The room has a hundred or so orbs of similar size to the one they were captured in.

- The mers see the party and engage them, and are quickly defeated. T’sunimo and Grawn engage the party. T’sunimo, whom the party doesn’t particularly like, takes the brunt of their attack and flees.

-The party is unable to pursue them as Grawn begins calling sharks down to aid him. After a fierce battle, Grawn is defeated. The party is alone the large dark room with hundreds of orbs similar to their own.

A big fight, and a reunion with an old uh... friend.
episode 19
  • Party was not well rested after fighting Grawn, soon they realize that they don’t have access to their full repertoire of spells and abilities due to fatigue and hunger.

Hannik swims up and grabs a piece of a recently defeated shark. The party eats the raw fish, some reluctantly.

Hannik starts looking through the steel kelp orb cages, finding some gruesome remains, some strange black orbs with bright golden center, and finally he finds Elsen. A wood elf thief from the south.

The party soon realizes that they have taken too much time and that a small force of mer folk have arrived to hold them.

The party attacks the force and after a fierce fight defeats them. Hannik kills one of the merrow and steals his shark mount, utilizing his animal handling skills to the best of his ability. The creature helps score the victory.

Kith nearly dies after his lightning spells cause too much damage and cause him to draw too much attention from the enemy.

The new thief goes batshit crazy, slaughtering enemies left and right with gusto.

After defeating the group the party smashes their way through the side of the temple wall membrane and drop down into a lava rock maze. The mer folk refuse to follow despite T’sunimo’s orders

The party soon finds out why, their old friend “baby Kraken” as they call him makes his triumphant return. He searches relentlessly for the party, nearly cornering them several times before being lured away by a witty Blake Griffin using invisibility and Kiths pass without trace. Eventually losing the creature without having to engage the beast with the party nearly dead.

The party manages to find their way back to the ship and find that they have been gone for 90 days or so. Quadro is there and lets them know that he had thought for sure that they had perished. The party slept soundly allowing Quatro to stand watch, and then prepared to set sail and return home.

Grr I can't think of a good name
episode 20

Crew awakens to a dense fog, unable to see they aren’t sure which way they are heading.

After much deliberating, Elsen climbs the mainmast and is able to pin point the sun, directly overhead.

After much more deliberating Blake flies into the air and up through the fog, he finds which direction a couple of islands are and heads the ship that direction.

Boot gets Quatro intoxicated, the poor little guy pukes up some gears and eventually passes out face down. Followed shortly by Bootjack himself. Kith bravely stays up and takes the watch.

The next morning the fog begins to lift, they discover and island just south of them and realize that they must have gone too far south as they do not recognize the island. As Hannik begins to prepare to disembark and do some exploring, they see a pair of ships bearing towards them… falling asleep TBC

They decide to turn away from the ships as Elsen has had dealings with this group of individuals before and they are pirates, and not very nice ones apparently. The party realizes they are much faster than the other ships and are able to make landfall back at the docks with some time to spare.

They raise the alarm and put together a small assault force on the wave drake, and a ranged attack group on Norrain’s ship. They sail out to meet the opposing ships ready to fight if they have to , but flying the flag of truce, that Elsen was able to recall. The other ship raised the flag of truce. Elsen, disguised as a male elf, Kith, and Bootjack went below decks and launched out of the rear of the ship (white chip ftw). To meet the opposing crew on their dinghy.

The captain of the other ship spoke in elven and Kith decided to take the reigns on the negotiation rather than speak common and allow everyone to have a role in the negotiation. He made a deal to host a feast for the pirates and to stow the guns. Bootjack made a show of taking a very long time stowing the weapons to trick the pirates into believing it would take them a long time to set their weapons back up.

The party also set up some ambush type traps burrowing small pits along the docks and filling them with oil, hiding a bunch of goblins with bows behind some crates a dock over in case there is trouble.

The pirate ships landed on the middle pier after avoiding some of the wreckage in the harbor. The Captain of one of the ships, an elf named Aethean and the other Captain a massive taciturn orc named Brutus. They sat down and commenced the feasting. The mood was light and there was a lot of banter.

Elsen disguised herself as a member of one of the pirate crews and snuck on board their ship.

Hannik ensured that the pirate crews were fed hard dwarven ale and made sure that his people were being served a more watered down ale.


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