For those in peril on the sea.

For those about to rock... we salute you!
episode 31

Bootjack, on board The Fortuitous Sunrise, with Samhnasach . He looks but can’t hear where the voice is coming from. Before Samhnasach can do anything Bootjack runs to the edge of the ship and throws himself into the water. He is about 90 yards from the pier at this point. The sun is starting to fade. Samhnasach rushes to the edge of the ship and casts some sort of spell on Bootjack. This immediately makes Bootjacks legs feel heavy, and hard to use. Bootjack assumes this is fatigue.

The party members on the pier retrieve Keyleths battered and lifeless corpse. Unsure how to help Bootjack. Boot is struggling to move at this point, and starts to sink. Brestina jumps into the water and begins swimming with full Orc power enabled. Blake sends his elementals to aid him as well. At this point Bootjack sinks below the water, and doesn’t reappear. Samhnasach flies out to the point where Bootjack was submerged and dives straight in. Brestina grows closer and the elementals reach Bootjack shortly after Samhnasach . Within a few moments, Samhnasach bursts from the water hovering slightly over the top of the water, then bursts into flight heading toward the city, shouting some orders at the Maelephants, who immediately break ranks and start running at a very fast pace into the city. Blake immediately peels off and follows them, it becomes clear that they are making a beeline for the portal. Blake sends the Skull Maggots to follow Samhnasach and his gang.

Brestina and the water elementals are able to recover Bootjack’s body only to discover he has been turned to stone, and there is a large half circular chunk missing from his body on the side of his bad arm.

As this is going on, suddenly breaking through the clouds is a long shadowy snake like creature. It appears to be heading directly toward the town square area. Brestina, sees this and has had enough. She demands that Naro bring her a drink immediately and she sits down on the dock, full of grief, and a bit overwhelmed. Blake and Naro both head to the city square. They are greeted by three strange people, a tiefling, a human, and


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