For those in peril on the sea.

Everyone's thinkin what I'm thinkin right?! PEER PRESSURE!
episode 30

The party departs the sewers and notices that there is a giant pinkish/purplish, nebulous streak through the sky.

Several hours after “flushing” the Excremental (thanks Krystal and Tammi) a new face suddenly appears, swimming ashore. A half-elf, half-orc by the name of Tanith. She is met by Brestina shortly after coming ashore and is taken to get food and drink and new clothes as she meets the party members one by one, meeting Keyleth and Blake last.

Bootjack has an interesting meeting.

The party spends the night in the pub getting to know their new friend and drinking and eating. Everyone is in good spirits, with the exception of Bootjack who believes he has received a message and has convinced the party to go to Sigil with him to give the mysterious book to someone called Lux. The next morning as the part is taking breakfast, the alarm bells sound from the main gate.

They began moving to the gate and are met by the messenger of the watch. He says that they have, guests, that require immediate attention. The party arrives at the gate and 4 large 10 foot tall creatures with large flappy ears, leathery brown gray skin, hard boiled leather studded armor, and massive 15 foot tall pikes are standing on the other side. Along with them is a 5’ tall creature of their same race. He appears to be in charge. .

The largest of the four carries a small golden box 3’x3’, beautifully crafted, it is covered in gems of many colors and appears to have a small door on the front of it. From the box 4 legs descend from the bottom until they hit the ground. At this point the box walked forward before a door opened and a disgusting creature appears. The creature creates a small stairway up to a speaking pedestal that appears as suddenly as the creature.

The creature is about 1 foot tall and is wider than he is tall. He is immensely fat and is covered in ridiculous jewelry, and his attire is gaudy purples and oranges stripes and overly intricate. His skin is a sickly blue color, and his eyes are yellowish with thin black pupils. He is covered in small brown warts and yellow pustules litter his body.

As he gets to the top of the stair onto the podium, he stands waiting… before clearing his throat and sending a scathing look at Crux. Crux begins reading : The cunning, bold, conqueror of Q’alaz, defender of Shemora’s honor, the greatest collector of magic items in the multiverse, second in command of the Incanterium, and master of house Zeepzorp in Sigil, the… he pauses… and sighs… incredibly handsome Samhnasach

Bootjack upon seeing this scene, immediately believes that he is dreaming, and decides that he can simply disrobe because he is invisible. Samhnasach appears a bit ill eat ease with the dwarf acting so oddly. He states that he has come with a wealth of magical items and wishes to trade for the book, he is being extremely cordial and polite.

Keyleth tells him that they lost the book into the water and that they no longer have it. The blob’s demeanor changes somewhat at this point, souring. He tells the party directly that he knows that the book is nearby for a fact, and that it is pointless lying to him. Around this time Bootjack realizes this is really happening and puts his clothes on, acting a tad bit more sane. Samhnasach offers three very powerful magic items, as well as the deed to his own mansion in Sigil for the book. He is told by Blake that they will have to confer and make a decision. Samhnasach says that he will give them until morning of the following day to make up their mind. Due to the way that the keys work on this place he can’t stay any longer than that. He also demands to be put up in their finest establishment and eat their finest food.

The monk Naro is tasked with taking the elephant creatures and the blob to the bar. Maryanne prepares a variation of sheperds pie for them at his request. The blob creature finds it scrumptious, because duh… Maryanne is the best. Naro also makes inroads with the small elephant, finding out his name is Crux as well as some information in regard to Samhnasach, such as that they are contracted to him for something like the next 100 years.

The party gathers together and begins scheming as it heads towards late afternoon/early evening. Blake wants to give the book to the little guy for the items, but his opinion is outweighed by the others. They clearly do not trust the little blob man, and decide to wait until the middle of the night and then leave on Keyleths ship. The blob comes out a short time later, letting them know he had been listening to their conversation, and proceeded to order his Maelaphants down to the pier. He says he will guard the pier until morning. Keyleth is angered by this as is Bootjack. They follow the Maelephants and Samhnasach to the pier. They make several attempts to make it past the guards with no luck. The blob goes into his box. Tanith remains on the pier watching from a safe distance.

Bootjack decides to force his way through, and is promptly picked up by the trunk of one of the Maelephants and is tossed over the side. Tanith runs to the front gate upon seeing this and has them signal the alarm bell. As the sun begins to set, Keyleth decides that she will force her way through by using shadow step. She teleports past the elephants some 30 feet. The creatures immediately charge her, piercing her several times with their large pikes. Keyleth lays on the ground bleeding and Crux stands over her, angry, shouting that nobody needed to die. Then plunges his pike into Keyleth, killing her.

Brestina is the first party member to arrive on the scene apart from Tanith. Seeing the bloodied body of Keyleth lying on the pier she demands to have her friends body. In response Crux kicks the body into the water. Blake Griffin arrives around this time and sees this, he sends water elementals to retrieve the corpse of Keyleth.

Bootjack decides he will swim down to Keyleth’s ship and attempt to board it. The elephants follow him down the pier. Bootjack manages to make it on board and cuts the lines before the Maelephants can board it. He goes down into Keyleth’s space and is able to find the book after 10 or so minutes of searching. He comes back up on the deck, surprised to see that none of the elephant men are onboard. Before a voice from an invisible Samhnasach , mentions that he has some big balls to wear that holy symbol, the two prepare to clash.

For those about to rock... we salute you!
episode 31

Bootjack, on board The Fortuitous Sunrise, with Samhnasach . He looks but can’t hear where the voice is coming from. Before Samhnasach can do anything Bootjack runs to the edge of the ship and throws himself into the water. He is about 90 yards from the pier at this point. The sun is starting to fade. Samhnasach rushes to the edge of the ship and casts some sort of spell on Bootjack. This immediately makes Bootjacks legs feel heavy, and hard to use. Bootjack assumes this is fatigue.

The party members on the pier retrieve Keyleths battered and lifeless corpse. Unsure how to help Bootjack. Boot is struggling to move at this point, and starts to sink. Brestina jumps into the water and begins swimming with full Orc power enabled. Blake sends his elementals to aid him as well. At this point Bootjack sinks below the water, and doesn’t reappear. Samhnasach flies out to the point where Bootjack was submerged and dives straight in. Brestina grows closer and the elementals reach Bootjack shortly after Samhnasach . Within a few moments, Samhnasach bursts from the water hovering slightly over the top of the water, then bursts into flight heading toward the city, shouting some orders at the Maelephants, who immediately break ranks and start running at a very fast pace into the city. Blake immediately peels off and follows them, it becomes clear that they are making a beeline for the portal. Blake sends the Skull Maggots to follow Samhnasach and his gang.

Brestina and the water elementals are able to recover Bootjack’s body only to discover he has been turned to stone, and there is a large half circular chunk missing from his body on the side of his bad arm.

As this is going on, suddenly breaking through the clouds is a long shadowy snake like creature. It appears to be heading directly toward the town square area. Brestina, sees this and has had enough. She demands that Naro bring her a drink immediately and she sits down on the dock, full of grief, and a bit overwhelmed. Blake and Naro both head to the city square. They are greeted by three strange people, a tiefling, a human, and


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