For those in peril on the sea.

A halfling, a half orc, and a half barrel? ITS A RACE
episode 25

Several days after the death of Magnon and his funeral, the alarm bell rings shortly after breakfast. The party is pleased to find that Brutus has arrived accompanied by Slash and his previous second mate Brestina a female half-orc.

Also with Brutus are about 40 refugees, mainly female (elves, orcs, and half-elf/halforcs) and children. Also (retconned from the next episode lightside points) several bags of grains utilized in brewing beer. Barley, hops, and wheat.

Bootjack immediately takes stock of the refugees that arrived, looking for someone that seemed capable and strong. A young slender girl with dark brown hair, about 14 years of age. She is with her mother. Bootjack approached her and offered her a hatchet, and lessons on how to use it. The girl appeared bashful about the offer at first, but soon after she was seen showing off the hatchet to her friends.

The party resumed their activities for the day which now included helping a large group of refugees situated. Around lunchtime the ship bell on the pier began to ring. The lookouts had received word of a very small ship on the horizon.

From the dock the ship seemed to be in a shambles and did not appear to be crewed. Gus volunteered to go check it out, and commented that he was an experienced sailor. Brestina took this as a challenge. Hannik cut a barrel in half and tossed it to the gnome. Surprisingly the gnome jumped in the barrel. Hannik, Brestina, Bootjack, and Ren climbed on the skiff, with Brestina rowing.

The race commenced. Immediately Gus took a slight lead, the half orc began to get her pace and pulled ahead of the barrell bobbing gnome and continued to pull ahead with each powerful pull of the oars. Gus decided to even the odds and cast grease on the oars. Brestina was unable to keep hold of the oars and dropped them both into the water. The gnome overtook the skiff and pulled into the lead. Brestina was able to recover a single oar but was unable to hold it well enough to use. Dropping it, she jumped out of the boat and grabbed the stern with her hands. The thought of losing overwhelmed her sense and she entered a berserk state. Her kicks brought the bow of the ship pulled up out of the water and a large wake rose up behind her. She was rapidly catching up with Gus. The gnome panicked upon seeing this and started paddling like mad. He reached the ship, and the skiff pulled up a few moments later.

Gus boarded the dilapidated vessel only to find a pair of interesting characters passed out on the floor of the boat. The first was a raven like humanoid, the second a bald half elf, in strange garb. Ren boarded the ship, and was able to help Gus revive the bald man, and the raven. Gus was frightened of the foul mouthed bird man. The bald man, was named Naro and assured him there was nothing to fear.

The group decided that they wanted to keep the small boat, despite its poor condition. Ren and Gus stay behind and awkwardly manage to sail the sinking piece of junk in after a few hours. The other part of the party returned on the skiff and were back on shore within a few minutes. Naro and his bird friend Hugh are given sustenance and make a quick recovery. The group decided to retire for the evening after having dinner.

Elsen, is awakened by a figure standing at the foot of her bed. The figure starts asking her why she did what she did, and suddenly bursts into flame. Screaming at Elsen, at that moment a second figure appears and also bursts into flame. She realizes that these may be some of the women that were burned to death in the barn during the mutiny of the Minge. Elsen, wisely decides to GTFO of her house. She jumps through the window and hauls ass. Gus who has shacked up in the house next to Elsen hears the commotion and runs out to see what is going on, in time for Else to streak past him followed by two blazing spirits. Gus joins Elsen in running from the spirits. They double back once but find out quickly that the spirits are able to travel through terrain and that they are faster than the players. They both decide to make their way to the fountain hoping the water will provide some form of protection.

The alarm bells had sounded earlier on and the party started to arrive on the scene to see Elsen and Gus trying to avoid the two ghosts. The party engages the vengeful apparitions. They are managing to do some serious damage to the ghosts, but suddenly one of the spirits screams sending out a fiery burst. This immediately renders Elsen and Hugh unconscious and on deaths door. Ren ran to heal Elsen and then to Hugh, while the rest of the party continued to battle the ghosts. Hannik and Bootjack arrive on the scene finally. One of the spirits is defeated the other one releases the same fiery scream as before, this time only Hugh falls (again) to the deadly attack. Within a few quick moments the party mopped up the spirits and emerged victorious, and take a well deserved rest.

The following morning Slash gives a tearful goodbye, and leaves again with Brutus. They promise to return in around a month. Brutus is happy to hear the news about the fiery spirits being defeated as they had killed a dozen or so men on the other island.

The fall of the Minge
episode 23
Making of a Mutiny
episode 22

The party decides to not pursue the missing princess, instead deciding to bargain with the pirates. The pirates requests are fairly simple, they wish for the party to help them overthrow their current leader, The Ginger Minge in a mutiny of major proportions.

This inaction upsets many of the guild members that have been living in the city and had developed relationships with the princess. The following morning Madrak is nowhere to be found, Hannik suspects he may have been involved with the kidnapping. Collette healed by Magnon rounds up a posse of able bodies which includes Ren, McGilliger and several red shirts to go and rescue the princess. Bootjack decides to follow them shortly after they leave.

The party meets Aethean’s second in command Laurethain and he becomes the sort of unofficial ambassador to the party. The

Thank you Mario, But our princess is in another castle.
episode 21

The party begins negotiations with Aethean and Brutus. The pirates have a list of demands that they want. The party basically didn’t have any demands

They discover a few things about the southern lands that they find interesting. There are very few humans, no dwarves, and its basically controlled by an orcish empire.

The party is offered the chance to tour the pirate ships, they learn about gunpowder and canons.

Elsen pretends to vomit down into the hold in order to get below decks. She cleans up the mess but manages to pilfer a few things after drinking from a spitoon to induce vomit.

As the evening goes on the discussions with the pirates goes well, after a couple of hours, the alarm bell on the pier starts ringing frantically.

The party meanders over to the main pier after ensuring the pirates were settled back onto their ships and watches were set.

They find that both Collette and Maryann were both knocked unconcious and Collette was badly wounded. Leslie who was ringing the bell says there was a loud crack then everything went black. After casting some healing spells, they find out from collette that some hideous creature had made off with Griselda saying that they were taking what was owed to them.

The party after talking amongst each other decided that was OK, and that they didn’t want to leave while the pirates were still in port. Collette was disgusted by this decision. As was Madrak.

Grr I can't think of a good name
episode 20

Crew awakens to a dense fog, unable to see they aren’t sure which way they are heading.

After much deliberating, Elsen climbs the mainmast and is able to pin point the sun, directly overhead.

After much more deliberating Blake flies into the air and up through the fog, he finds which direction a couple of islands are and heads the ship that direction.

Boot gets Quatro intoxicated, the poor little guy pukes up some gears and eventually passes out face down. Followed shortly by Bootjack himself. Kith bravely stays up and takes the watch.

The next morning the fog begins to lift, they discover and island just south of them and realize that they must have gone too far south as they do not recognize the island. As Hannik begins to prepare to disembark and do some exploring, they see a pair of ships bearing towards them… falling asleep TBC

They decide to turn away from the ships as Elsen has had dealings with this group of individuals before and they are pirates, and not very nice ones apparently. The party realizes they are much faster than the other ships and are able to make landfall back at the docks with some time to spare.

They raise the alarm and put together a small assault force on the wave drake, and a ranged attack group on Norrain’s ship. They sail out to meet the opposing ships ready to fight if they have to , but flying the flag of truce, that Elsen was able to recall. The other ship raised the flag of truce. Elsen, disguised as a male elf, Kith, and Bootjack went below decks and launched out of the rear of the ship (white chip ftw). To meet the opposing crew on their dinghy.

The captain of the other ship spoke in elven and Kith decided to take the reigns on the negotiation rather than speak common and allow everyone to have a role in the negotiation. He made a deal to host a feast for the pirates and to stow the guns. Bootjack made a show of taking a very long time stowing the weapons to trick the pirates into believing it would take them a long time to set their weapons back up.

The party also set up some ambush type traps burrowing small pits along the docks and filling them with oil, hiding a bunch of goblins with bows behind some crates a dock over in case there is trouble.

The pirate ships landed on the middle pier after avoiding some of the wreckage in the harbor. The Captain of one of the ships, an elf named Aethean and the other Captain a massive taciturn orc named Brutus. They sat down and commenced the feasting. The mood was light and there was a lot of banter.

Elsen disguised herself as a member of one of the pirate crews and snuck on board their ship.

Hannik ensured that the pirate crews were fed hard dwarven ale and made sure that his people were being served a more watered down ale.

A big fight, and a reunion with an old uh... friend.
episode 19
  • Party was not well rested after fighting Grawn, soon they realize that they don’t have access to their full repertoire of spells and abilities due to fatigue and hunger.

Hannik swims up and grabs a piece of a recently defeated shark. The party eats the raw fish, some reluctantly.

Hannik starts looking through the steel kelp orb cages, finding some gruesome remains, some strange black orbs with bright golden center, and finally he finds Elsen. A wood elf thief from the south.

The party soon realizes that they have taken too much time and that a small force of mer folk have arrived to hold them.

The party attacks the force and after a fierce fight defeats them. Hannik kills one of the merrow and steals his shark mount, utilizing his animal handling skills to the best of his ability. The creature helps score the victory.

Kith nearly dies after his lightning spells cause too much damage and cause him to draw too much attention from the enemy.

The new thief goes batshit crazy, slaughtering enemies left and right with gusto.

After defeating the group the party smashes their way through the side of the temple wall membrane and drop down into a lava rock maze. The mer folk refuse to follow despite T’sunimo’s orders

The party soon finds out why, their old friend “baby Kraken” as they call him makes his triumphant return. He searches relentlessly for the party, nearly cornering them several times before being lured away by a witty Blake Griffin using invisibility and Kiths pass without trace. Eventually losing the creature without having to engage the beast with the party nearly dead.

The party manages to find their way back to the ship and find that they have been gone for 90 days or so. Quadro is there and lets them know that he had thought for sure that they had perished. The party slept soundly allowing Quatro to stand watch, and then prepared to set sail and return home.

Shattered dreams
episode 18

Slowly the party awakens, they are still in the orb they had been captured in. They are starving and feel very stiff and sore.

-they can hear talking and shouting from the outside. It sounds like they are being searched for possibly.

-They smash their way out of the orb and find themselves in a dark dark area with several mer creatures near them, and sharks circling around a hundred feet or so up above them. They can see T’sunimo and Grawn above as well. The room has a hundred or so orbs of similar size to the one they were captured in.

- The mers see the party and engage them, and are quickly defeated. T’sunimo and Grawn engage the party. T’sunimo, whom the party doesn’t particularly like, takes the brunt of their attack and flees.

-The party is unable to pursue them as Grawn begins calling sharks down to aid him. After a fierce battle, Grawn is defeated. The party is alone the large dark room with hundreds of orbs similar to their own.


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