Collette Treeluck A hafling lesbian ranger, dirty blonde with big tits. Trained in the same forest with Kith and became good friends. She enjoys beaver skin pelt clothing, hunting orcs and goblins, and moonlight strolls with her lady admirers. Has a long and complicated past with Bootjack and the two are not on friendly terms.

Collete and Kith left the forest together to seek adventure and see the world. KIth got an in with the Gilded Stone Rose, and she tagged along as she couldn’t be bothered with finding her own place. She doesn’t stick around the guild much and likes to watch after her woodland friends and clear the area of orcs, as those greenskins always seem to multiply overnight.

She uses a short sword and dagger to fight, and generally a bird or small animal about her. Dislikes dwarfs because they stink,most elves because they are too..elvish, hates ducking orcs and goblins, and shifty eyed merchants. Also warlocks are creepy

She assist the guild with gathering of rare herbs and stones for spells and potions. Also a good scout and provider for small excursions.

Recently requested to be made second in command to Hannik. Hannik took her advice to heart but ended up giving the job to Magnon


For those in peril on the sea. norrain13