Grenul Margan

Executive officer of The Wave Drake. Margan was thought of as one of the rising stars of the stone rose. He had struggled with addiction to dragons blood, but this was only known by a few and had actually helped him become the prodigy that he was known as due to its ability to limit inhibition.

Time at sea, his supply running out, plus the attack of the Terror from the deep finally pushed him over the edge. After Riley’s death he felt a terrible sense of hopelessness and decided that he would prepare the crew for one last final hurrah before scuttling the ship that he had personally restored.

Kendrick overheard his plan and alerted the party about it. Margan was eventually hanged by the crew for his plot his corpse thrown over the side along with Ponder.

Margan is survived by a wife sf teenage son

Grenul Margan

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