Kendrick is a young man of the age 14. He has dark brown hair and stands around 5’7" tall for his age, but very thin. He grew up in a fishing village south of Luskin, and is very skilled in the natural world. He is a skilled swimmer, climber, and diver. He is also well versed in seamanship, tying of knots, etc. He is an extremely hard worker and is well liked by pretty much everyone he meets.

He is closest with Bootjack and Wulfhelm before he was killed. Bootjack a friend and mentor, teaching him of life, the world, women, and alcohol. Wulfhelm was less of a mentor and more of a friend. Kendrick taught Wulf how to dive, how to find clams, and how to pry them up with your knife. Wulf showed him the stars and constellations, how to navigate using them and how to draw a map. Kendrick couldn’t believe he was gone.

Kendrick wanting to be a larger part of the goings on, decided to join the party on a search for cinnamon. He held his own as a fighter but due to some shoddy decision making by Kith he was taken by the ettercaps they had been fighting. He was tied to a makeshift altar and was to be sacrificed. The party rescued him and defeated the massive shambling mound.

Kendrick was wounded and has not really been the same since that incident. The death of Wulf and his own being a liability are weighing heavily on his mind.


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