Tall, standing nearly 6’5", broad shoulders, very muscular. Long blonde hair, very curly, wears it out and does very little with it. Blue eyes, very good looking.

Former city guard that found religion, specifically of Paul and became a Templar. Wise but not smart- goes by his intuition. Is friends with Hannik, and once saved him from a burning house, Hannik feels that he owes Magnon a debt, but Magnon doesn’t feel this way.

He is overzealous and selfless to a fault. He is very honest and doesn’t consider lying to be an option ever. He enjoys the situation that Bootjack has been placed in and finds great humor in Boot’s discomfort with being a holy man.

Was recently promoted to second in command much to the chagrin of Collette but is probably a very good candidate for the job. Is a willing listener and understands that he is not an expert at most things.


For those in peril on the sea. norrain13