A Dwarf of nearly 450 years. He is entering the last third of his life. He is bald with a bright orange beard. He used to take great care of it, but since his years as a slave, can’t be bothered. Constantly drunk these days, and fearing for his life. Despite the vows they have taken, he believes the other Dwarves will eventually murder him.

Norrain has a complex history, he was born into poverty in the Dwarven Kingdom of Na Ra Nazad. He managed to escape but was unable to save his family. Forced to make a choice he fled alone, vowing to return to his family one day. When he returned many years later, there was no trace of his family. As the Dwarven Kingdom settled into unrest, the royal families began to congregate in a vast fortress known as Odinochestvo. It was a large fortress on the sea, and many of the great families planned to sail northward to escape.

Norrain had designed and built a monster of a ship with the aid and financing of the Vosstaniye. The ship laid siege to Odinochestvo along side several other ships. The land forces attacked and within a week the fortress had fallen. Norrain and his large crew of what can only be really considered dwarven pirates, secured the prize that they had been promised. They loaded the siniykrovs (the two named dwarves) into the ships hold and set sail for Aite Cra. He had struck a deal with a human who needed manpower, for mining in particular. Norrain found a peculiar sense of justice in this as many of these dwarves had lived on the blood and sweat of those who mined for very little reward. One name dwarves, the worthless, the trodden.

They spent years hunting royals that had tried to escape north, and many had escaped but many more were caught. As the raids slowed, the crew shrunk, and Norrain sailed far to the south with a handful of friends. They joined a small city of humans and lived there for several generations, before wanting to return home to Na Ra Nazad. Upon returning he found that it had become one giant slum. Things were as corrupt as ever, the poor still trodden on. Nothing had changed. Too tired and wealthy already to possibly consider revolution again, be purchased an estate and hoped to settle in and begin a family.

He met a woman and they had a child, a son. The boy named Bogdan grew into a young man and soon an adult. Norrain’s life felt full again. The Vosstaniye police apprehended him one afternoon. He was accused of treason and of being a slaver. There was no court or no hearing. His family was to be taken care of provided he offer no resistance and attempt to tell nobody of the truth. The family would be told that he had been murdered and the body lost.

Norrain took to the sea, this time alone. He meandered the sea, dropping anchor and rowing in to visit ports. After spending several weeks in port. He returned to the Iron Anchor to find another ship moored on her port. He drew his mace and prepared for combat. Before he knew what had happened some 20 bug bears had overtaken him and a great wobbling ogre stood over him laughing. A large one eyed orc in a robe scowled. Make the ship go or you die. Thus began Norrain’s life of servitude.

The party eventually rescued Norrain as can be recounted in the 40 years a slave adventure log. (which for some stupid reason I can’t get to link here.


For those in peril on the sea. norrain13