Larion Stills joined the Rose at the same time as Hannik, and although his rise through the ranks wasn’t nearly as meteoric as Hannik’s the two became fast friends, and Slash is known to be Hannik’s second in command and will not leave Hannik’s command even to command his own unit.

Larion is an Illuskia native and was born in raised in a small farm town some 30 miles from Luskin. At age 12 he left his home to find work in Luskin. Work was not to be found as he soon learned, he had no trade and fell in with a street gang Crow Skulls. He learned to fight, and developed an affinity for the axe. As word of his prowess in battle grew, so did his fame. He learned that he could sing, and began to write songs, that many of his gang though were to try to lure women. They did not realize that Slash was gay, and Slash knew this wouldn’t be accepted by his fellows and kept the truth hidden.

Several years later, Slash was leaving the home of a recently found lover. He was happier now at this point than any other time in his life. The Crow Skulls had become a rather powerful group and were the hired muscle for The Red Star guild, and he ranked highly among them. As he left, he saw several members of his gang in front of his lover’s home. Several minutes later a few more members drug his partner into the street, and demanded to know what this was. Slash tried to explain, but before he was fully able to, a gang member named Tisiphone cut the throat of the young man. Slash drew his axe, surrounded by his brothers, and began to destroy them. At first they came at him, 20 to 1, but his fury was so great that before long they were cowering away as he slaughtered them.

The only thing that saved the remainder of them was the city guard showing up. Hannik and his retinue watched for a moment as this beast in the rage of battle took on amazing odds. Seeing the guards Slash raised his axe with a snarl. This was the end he had always envisioned for himself. Hannik talked him down, said he could use a man with that sort of ability. The rest is history.

Slash accompanied Commander Hannik on the voyage south. He found love and heartbreak again with Wulfhelm. He still has not recovered fully from Wulfhelm’s death and still mourns him nightly, writing songs and drinking himself into a stupor.


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