For those in peril on the sea.

Grr I can't think of a good name

episode 20

Crew awakens to a dense fog, unable to see they aren’t sure which way they are heading.

After much deliberating, Elsen climbs the mainmast and is able to pin point the sun, directly overhead.

After much more deliberating Blake flies into the air and up through the fog, he finds which direction a couple of islands are and heads the ship that direction.

Boot gets Quatro intoxicated, the poor little guy pukes up some gears and eventually passes out face down. Followed shortly by Bootjack himself. Kith bravely stays up and takes the watch.

The next morning the fog begins to lift, they discover and island just south of them and realize that they must have gone too far south as they do not recognize the island. As Hannik begins to prepare to disembark and do some exploring, they see a pair of ships bearing towards them… falling asleep TBC

They decide to turn away from the ships as Elsen has had dealings with this group of individuals before and they are pirates, and not very nice ones apparently. The party realizes they are much faster than the other ships and are able to make landfall back at the docks with some time to spare.

They raise the alarm and put together a small assault force on the wave drake, and a ranged attack group on Norrain’s ship. They sail out to meet the opposing ships ready to fight if they have to , but flying the flag of truce, that Elsen was able to recall. The other ship raised the flag of truce. Elsen, disguised as a male elf, Kith, and Bootjack went below decks and launched out of the rear of the ship (white chip ftw). To meet the opposing crew on their dinghy.

The captain of the other ship spoke in elven and Kith decided to take the reigns on the negotiation rather than speak common and allow everyone to have a role in the negotiation. He made a deal to host a feast for the pirates and to stow the guns. Bootjack made a show of taking a very long time stowing the weapons to trick the pirates into believing it would take them a long time to set their weapons back up.

The party also set up some ambush type traps burrowing small pits along the docks and filling them with oil, hiding a bunch of goblins with bows behind some crates a dock over in case there is trouble.

The pirate ships landed on the middle pier after avoiding some of the wreckage in the harbor. The Captain of one of the ships, an elf named Aethean and the other Captain a massive taciturn orc named Brutus. They sat down and commenced the feasting. The mood was light and there was a lot of banter.

Elsen disguised herself as a member of one of the pirate crews and snuck on board their ship.

Hannik ensured that the pirate crews were fed hard dwarven ale and made sure that his people were being served a more watered down ale.



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