The party is tasked by The Witch Griselda to bring the liver of a troll in order to make the pearls that will allow the party to breathe underwater. The intimation is that she wants the troll dead.

The party finds Madrak’s hut on the north eastern side of the crater, where Griselda stated it would be. Kith decides to attack immediately and blows a massive hole in the side of the hut. The troll comes out, but not aggressively. The party begins talking with him and eventually come to a deal that if they will test Madrak’s potions (FOR SCIENCE!!!!) and he will cut out his own liver for the party. The party tests them with some interesting results, and Madrak gives them his liver. Madrak warns the party to not trust the witch.

A day before the party heads out to sea, Madrak comes and requests to move into the city. After conferring Hannik decides to allow it.

After the party returns following their 90ish day absence, Madrak has made himself a home and is popular amongst all the factions living in Landfall.

When Griselda goes missing, he goes out alone before anyone else attempts to, disgusted at the fact that the party just decided to not search for her. Hannik is suspicious of him being missing and suspects that Madrak himself may be behind the kidnapping.

He helps to rescue Bootjack and Collette and Ren, even though Bootjack loses his arm, and Collette is gravely injured.


For those in peril on the sea. norrain13